Helping to make getting online accessible

By: Maya Howell, Dementia Friendly East Lothian

Understandably there are many people that feel excluded when it comes to technology without having the equipment, confidence or know-how to get online. As we know, when people are isolated on their own with little physical support this increases the difficulty.

From the generosity of various digital projects we have seen many of those previously without a device being gifted one throughout the lockdown period. However for someone with no previous experience or knowledge the technology itself is not just useless, it can be daunting, and can even cause stress and confusion.

We found that online help resources were brilliant when someone was there to help, but were of no use when people were not able to access them. Through a Community Makers discussion with Kirrie Connections on the best approach, it was agreed the solution should include personalised, pictorial step-by-step how-to guides – device specific. These guides can then be printed and delivered to people in their homes for them to follow as a manual while learning how to use their device.

A skeleton ‘how-to’ guide template for Android tablets has since been created by Dementia Friendly East Lothian and Kirrie Connections, and is being personalised to distribute as part of a wider Digital Inclusion project. We are using Connecting Scotland’s Foundation and Essential Skills Checklists as means of assessing what information to include in each guide.

Please email if you would like a copy of the template.

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