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Coffee and ideas


Coffee and Ideas is a mutual discussion event, allowing members to catch up and make helpful suggestions about the running of events within the community.  

Tech and method of connection:  

Video conferencing and/or phone dial in. Having a group chat on Starleaf or Whatsapp may also be helpful. Those offline can dial into the conversation.  

What can this bring to a community?  

It is an opportunity for reflection about what works and how changes can be implemented going forward. Such an event enables a sense of community ownership amongst members. 


This event is ideal for both carers and people with dementia. It is important that everyone’s views within the community are heard and taken on board.  

Group size:  

A maximum of 12 is recommended to prevent too many people talking at once. If more people wish to be involved it may be helpful to split people in 2 different sessions, with the same facilitator for each. This facilitator can then share the thoughts and views of the first session with the second.  


1-2 times a week 

Rough agenda: 

Discuss the events that ran leading up to the session and reflect on their strengths/weaknesses. Have an open floor to allow people to share their thoughts on the running of the online community in general. See where improvements can be made. Be sure to acknowledge who are bringing positive energy to the community and allowing it to run smoothly – hopefully this will be everyone!