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Singing for the Brain

by Alzheimer’s Society

Format of event

Alzheimer’s Society have an exciting new opportunity for you to deliver your own Singing for the Brain group using tools and resources provided by the Society. 

Singing for the Brain uses singing to bring people with dementia together in a stimulating, fun, friendly and safe environment.  It’s collaborative and uniting – just as music is itself – bringing people together, improving brain activity, well-being and mood. 

Music plays a key role in our identity and culture, and has an amazing effect on the mind. Whether it’s listening, singing, or moving to the rhythm, each session creates powerful connections. Through fun vocal warms ups, and a variety of familiar and new songs, the music accesses and activates different parts of the brain. This has the ability to move us emotionally, express feelings and incredibly, recall past memories too. You only have to see people’s faces to observe the special moments that form between loved ones. 

Tech and method of connection: 

Singing for the Brain (SftB) is now being delivered online using Zoom. The sessions continue to be interactive and consist of a range of music, movement and fun activities. 

Group members can see each other and the SftB facilitator, sharing their enjoyment of the session with each other. The group includes time for peer support and reminiscence activities using Zoom functionality. 

What it can bring to a community? 

What lies at the heart of each session, is a sense of joy, calm and fun. It can help build new friendships, retain or learn new skills and boost confidence, helping people to feel more positive and less isolated.  

As a Singing for the Brain delivery partner, you can deliver your own group supporting people affected by dementia with the tools and resources provided by Alzheimer’s Society. 

If you want to find out more how you can create your own Singing for the Brain group, get in touch with Alzheimer’s Society today. 


Group size can vary, but you may want to start with a smaller group of around 20 people and grow the group from there. 


Typically once a week, but this can vary. 

Example agenda: 

Most sessions last around 1.5 hours. This includes thirty minutes for socialising, greeting people, settling in and working out any technical difficulties. Then there’s around an hour for the music and singing.  

Sessions include:  

  • Opportunity for social interaction and support  
  • Warm-ups 
  • Welcome song  
  • Range of songs of different genres, tempos and melodies 
  • Closing/goodbye song  

Useful Links: 

Find out more about becoming a Singing for the Brain delivery partner today –